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Calculation technique of diffraction on dielectric heterogeneity in a shielded waveguide by the method of partial areas


R. V. Budaragin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of Department of Computer science and General professional disciplines, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev. E-mail:

This article discusses a method, according to which the solution of the problem of diffraction is determined not by recompositing ge-neralized scattering matrices of separate discontinuities, and is reduced to a system of linear algebraic equations describing a non-uniform phase as a whole. Irregular area is divided into area (regular waveguides). In each regular waveguide, the electromagnetic field is represented as a set of direct and reverse waves of their own with unknown amplitude coefficients. Recording the condition of continuity of tangential components of electric and magnetic fields at the boundaries of partial areas of all abutting waveguides and using the orthogonality of own waves waveguides, we obtain the system of linear algebraically equations, the solution of which defines the elements of the generalized scattering matrix of the entire device. In the numerical implementation of the method does not impose restrictions on the variation of the parameters of the irregular structure, and the number of individual inhomogeneities is determined by the capabilities of electronic computing resources. On the example of calculation of discontinuities in a rectangular waveguide with a dielectric insert it is shown that in some cases, the method significantly reduces the calculation time compared with the widely used method of autonomous blocks. Thus, the proposed method is appropriate to apply in the case of multi-wavelength approximation in the calculation of the stepwise discontinuities, as well as in approximating smooth transitions.


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