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The program for synthesizing of mirror antennas with special-shaped directional pattern


V. A. Volkov – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Chief Specialist of 1st category, “RDI “Vector”. E-mail: E. S. Belov – Engineer of 1st category, “RDI “Vector”. E-mail:

In the paper the developed technique of construction of the mirror antenna refractor surface is described. The technique is based on geometrical optics laws, utilizable principles are described in the literature, and some references are presented in the paper. The technique is designed for developed mirror antenna reflectors which provide directional pattern of the form of squared cosecant in the elevation plane and narrow directional pattern in the azimuthal plane. The developed technique allows defining a shape of central cut in the vertical plane and then calculating required shape of the horizontal cuts of reflector for providing specified characteristics of directional pattern. Based on the technique a program, that provides point positions of the calculated reflector surface shape, is developed. The program algorithm implies entering the initial parameters (the list of them is presented in the paper), the shape of vertical cut calculation and solution of one of the following task: 1) horizontal cut calculation for doubly curved reflector and 2) horizontal cut calculation for cy-lindrical reflectors. A program output is a mathematical model of reflector shape in the form of the points coordinates. 3-dimensional model of the mirror antenna has been developed and its electrodynamic parameters have been calculated using CST Microwave Studio in order to confirm performance of the technique and the program. The refractor shape has been calculated with the aid of described program, a radio horn model has been used as irradiator. Obtained results in the form of azimuthal and elevation cuts of directional patterns are presented in the paper and confirm that presented program can be used for developing of mirror antenna with directional pattern in the form of squared cosecant in the given angle sector.


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