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Formation of automated design engineering for “antenna–radome” system


Yu. S. Brodovich – Engineer, JSC “Radar mms” (St. Petersburg). E-mail: Yu. A. Komarov – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Head of Department, JSC “Radar mms” (St. Petersburg). E-mail: A. V. Olkhovsky – Engineer, JSC “Radar mms” (St. Petersburg). E-mail: V. G. Egorov – Leading Engineer, JSC “Radar mms” (St. Petersburg). E-mail: O. S. Pavlunina – Engineer, JSC “Radar mms” (St. Petersburg). E-mail:

Obtaining of estimated values of various complex parameters on the stage of development of “antenna – radio transparent radome” system is connected with realization of large volume of electrodynamic calculations which are easy to be performed using “CST Mi-crowave Studio” software module. Reliability of calculations results can be increased by completion of computer simulation by expe-rimental control of initial data of the real radomes which could have technological or engineering changes relatively initially defined values. To realize radome parameters control it is proposed a unilateral method of measurements of a reflection coefficient module with use of a scalar network analyzer and a wave-guide horn-sensor. Ensuring of the required scale of parameters averaging over the radome surface and the step of performed measurements that is about a half of wave-length in air can be reached by transference of measurements to higher frequency band than operational one where a horn-sensor has dimensions of the order of averaging scale. This approach allows to control not only electrical thickness of radome walls but also perform diagnostics of inclusion into walls material of local infiltrations and decompressions and this data can be used in more complete multilayer electrodynamic model. There are presented some results of computer simulation of antenna with simplified irradiating structure covered by radomes of various types as well as experimental results for the system “antenna – radome” obtained at the antenna measurements test-bench.


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May 29, 2020

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