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Discovering and biomedical applications of bio galvanic frequency effect


A.V. Savelyev - Senior Research Scientist, Deputy Editor in Chief of the Journal «Neurocomputers: development, application», «Radio Engineering» Publisher, Director of the Patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting», Moscow. E-mail:

The article reports about the results of many years research, the discovery of a new physical phenomenon - Bio-logical Galvano frequency effect (BGF effect) was its result. We was found crucial distinction of Galvani's electricity generated by living organisms from nonliving Volta's electricity generated by the chemical current sources. The in-formation essence of this difference is reflected in the "live" electricity electrochemical processes of a living organ-ism has been observed experimentally and theoretically substantiated. Thus, the first time it was objectively established difference between living and nonliving. On the basis of our discoveries we have developed a series of methods and instruments for remote non-contact recording of electrophysiological parameters and processes of living organisms, on which have been obtained 24 patents for inventions of the Russian Federation. This work was financially supported by RHSF in grant № 15-03-00519а «Post-non-classic paradigm of artificial intellect».


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