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Wireless EEG recorder for research, professional selection and EEG-based biofeedback


N.O. Brinсken - Ph.D. (Eng.), Incart Ltd., (St. Petersburg, Russia). E-mail: A.А. Grushvitskiy - Alioth Medical Ltd., (St. Petersburg, Russia). E-mail: V.A. Ponomarev - Ph.D. (Eng.), Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Introduction. The aim of this work was to design and develop wireless recorder of brain electrical activity (EEG) for research, professional selection, creation of brain-computer interface (BCI) and EEG applications based on biofeedback. Results. It was developed 24-channel ultra-small head cap EEG signal recorder SmartBCI with weight of 50 grams only and dimensions 65x50x15mm. The recorder is attached to the textile cap with built-in EEG electrodes placed according to the international 10-20 system. SmartBCI provides wireless EEG data streaming via Bluetooth with simultaneously recording on the built-in microSD card. Following software packages were adapted or developed for this project: WinEEG is an advanced software for EEG and ERP recording and processing with simultaneous video monitoring of the subject. SmartEEG is an Andriod application that provides EEG recording operation, electrodes impedances control and data upload to remote server or cloud. Neurofeedback application NeuroRT monitors specific brain activities in real-time. Truly 4DNeuroTrainer uses a real-time source estimation technology (xLORETA) allowing you to select the part of the cortex (Brodmann areas) you would like to target. LSL utility for real-time data streaming via Lab Streaming Layer protocol. Validation. Prototypes of SmartBCI were successfully tested in extreme conditions on the subjects piloting an aircraft, driving a car and endure motorcycle. It was used for simultaneous recording of the EEG and video streaming during piloting and driving test that provide the objective control of subject behavior. SmartBCI was tested on the subject treated on the platform moving in three-dimensional space produced by JSC «Concern PVO» Almaz-Antey» (Russia) in collaboration with laboratory of neuro-ecology Institute of Experimental Medicine (Head of laboratory  Prof. Dr. Suvorov N.B.). SmartBCI was adapted with NeuroRT neurofeedback applications and open-source platform OpenVibe for Brain-Computer interfaces development by Mensia Technology (France) programmer’s team. Conclusion. New up-to-date technology and innovative approaches allowed developing of SmartBCI that is one the low-weighted and ultra-small wireless EEG recorders in the world. Use of SmartBCI in combination with advanced software tools will expand the scope of the EEG in various studies including sports medicine, training of professional athletes and military personnel, as well as their rehabilitation. SmartBCI could be applied for controlled prostheses development to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
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