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Dual-reflector toroidal antenna calculation method


S. V. Ermolaev – Leading Engineer in Radio Communications, FSUE Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR). E-mail:

The paper gives a method of calculation for a dual-reflector toroidal antenna receiving signals from geostationary satellites within an-gular sector up to 140 degrees. The equations based on [5-7] allow calculation of the reflector and convergent reflector surfaces of a toroidal antenna, ensuring good antenna electrodynamic characteristics. The derived equations allow minimizing deviation of the generated phase front from the plane wavefront across the antenna aperture. The paper also provides results of calculation for the antenna electrodynamic characteristics. The calculations demonstrate that the feeder offset from the calculated antenna focal point allows compensation of residual phase distortions across the aperture and expansion of the antenna operational frequency range to Кa-band. The proposed antenna has the characteristics equivalent to the characteristics of an antenna of 5 m diameter with aperture efficiency which equals to 0,6.


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May 29, 2020

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