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Data, their standards, formats and models required to support search and rescue operations


N.A. Skvortsov – Research Scientist, Institute of Informatics Problems of FRC CSC» RAS (Moscow). E-mail:

Search and rescue operation success, planning and scope of operation are dependent on responsive analysis of wide range of data directly related to the incident or characterizing environment of the incident. Data on planned and actual routes can restrict area of search and increase efficiency of search. Planning for most effective coverage of search area can be based on chart and weather data. Possible incidents can be detected using weather conditions in search area, radiolocation data, distress signals and others. Such data are mainly structured, stored in databases in certain structures or extracted from different sources conforming certain standards. To analyze data for support of search and rescue operations it is required to integrate a variety of data sources. The article considers formats, standards and schemata representing structured data to be analyzed. Examples of works that show directions of structured data analysis for search and rescue are considered. International agreements in the field of security, search and rescue, supported by the Russian Federation are analyzed for required data representations, such as navigational warnings NAVAREA and message formats in IAMSAR. Data formats which are related to cartography and mainly used in the marine field include bitmap formats, for instance MrSID and ECW, and digital chart formats S 57, SXF, ArcMarine, GPX, OSM and others. Data formats associated with aviation are AIRINC-424, AICM, ASTERIX. Meteorological data formats considers, such as GRIB and METAR. Federal state information analyzed for useful database structures.


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