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The algorithmic means for determining the time radar monitoring target region for a given level of repetition factor


D.V. Andreeva – Post-graduate Student, Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering and Electronics (MIREA). E-mail: G.I. Andreev – Post-graduate Student, Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering of RAS (Moscow). E-mail: S.N. Zamuruev – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Head of Department of Radiolocation and Radionavigation, Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering and Electronics (MIREA). E-mail:

Radiolocation – the area of science and technology to address complex problems related to the determination of the location of various objects and their properties with the help of radio waves. With the development of this discipline circle of solved tasks it expands. These tasks include the task of determining the duration of surveillance radar equipment spaceship given target region and the task of determining the multiplicity of observation spaceship target area over a given period of time. There is an inverse task of determining the final period, during which the spaceship will be achieved given the multiplicity. This article describes the algorithms, the implementation of which in the electronic computer will provide solutions to the tasks. The algorithms are part of the information and software of radar target site specific spaceship in various modes of sensing the earth\'s surface.


  1. Konovalova D.V., Andreev G.I., SHevljakov A.S.Matematicheskie modeli geometricheskikh kharakteristik rezhimov raboty kosmicheskikh radiolokatorov v zadachakh distancionnogo zondirovanija Zemli // Aktualnye voprosy sovremennykh informacionnykh tekhnologijj: NTS Izvestija № 257. M.: VA RVSN im. Petra Velikogo. 2014. S. 140−146.


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