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Electromagnetic safety of means information security of random antennas


P.S. Zasedateleva – Post-graduate Student, Department of Economic and Information Systems, Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics, Samara. E-mail: O.N. Maslov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Economic and Information Sys-tems,Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics. E-mail:

The article presents the results of the examination of ecological and ergonomic safety of automated working station (AWS) by a factor of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMI). As part of AWS computers are protected against leakage of confidential information (CI). That is why they are called protected AWS. The equipment AWS includes active protection system (APS) «Kupol-M»; noise generator 1000M; noise generator 2500 and «Cicada». These APS use noise and noise-type signals with EMI levels that are dangerous to human health. The normative documents (ND) operating in Russia are not intended for the assessment of ecological-ergonomical safety of noise signals used in the APS CI. It is therefore necessary to develop a method of calculated and experimental analysis of security of protected AWS by a factor of EMI. The authors propose to carry out an expertise security of protected AWS using two measuring devices: B&E-meter (for measurements in the frequency range 5 Hz ... 400 kHz) and P3-31 (for measurements at 300 MHz ... 40 GHz). The device B&E-meter determines the levels of the electric field E, V/m and magnetic induction B, nT. The device P3-31 determines levels of power flux density PFD, µW/cm2. Six measurements of these characteristics EMI were performed for each APS at distances of 1 m and 2 m. The coefficients ecological-ergonomical AWS security by a factor of EMI were calculated from these data. It is shown that all of the APS satisfy the requirements of ND at a removal AWS from them over a distance of 2 m. APS «Kupol-M» has the best measures of safety for EMI.


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