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Features models of frequency characteristics interframe differences


A.V. Bogoslovsky – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department «Radio engineering», Head of laboratory for creation and processing of multidimensional information, Tambov State Technical University. E-mail: I.V. Zhigulina – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Applied mathematics and mechanics», Tambov State Technical University. E-mail: I.S. Maslov – Post-graduate Student, Department «Radio engineering», Tambov State Technical University. E-mail:

Analyzed all features interframe difference of frequency characteristics describing the most important for practical application cases: the movement of the object in the center and on the edges of the image. The required constraints and assumptions in the models obtained. Given, we consider the neglected terms in the frequency response for particular cases. The models analysis for all possible directions of movement the object in the center the image. In the work completed construction of models interframe difference frequency characteris-tics, taking into account the different cases of location moving objects in the image. Cases of movement at the edges the image are im-portant for creation of security systems, and displacement in the center – for perspective vision systems.


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