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Estimation of coordinate-informative parameters of VHF – UHF MSK packet radiosignals using the nonlinear chirplet approximation


A.I. Vagin, R.A. Volkov, E.A. Volkova

The necessity of using multiposition location finding systems, based on range-difference measurement, in order to increase the accuracy of position finding of radio sources on the one hand and their low bandwidth resulting from necessity of transmission of received signals from peripheral receiving centers to the central receiving center and with central processing on the other hand, demand signals distributed processing problem solving directly at receiving centers and transmitting to the central receiving center only the results of processing. It is necessary for increasing the bandwidth of these systems. This paper is devoted to solving this problem. Synthesized algorithm of MSK signals time of arrival estimation of packet-radio network in VHF - UHF range with the use of nonlinear chirplet approximation according to criterion of maximum of a posteriori density function of probability is suggested in this study. Algorithm computer simulation and research of its precision characteristics are carried out. It is shown that the proposed algorithm has precision characteristics comparable with the characteristics of the conventional (classical) algorithm. Application of the proposed algorithm in multiposition range-difference position finding systems of radio monitoring complexes will increase their efficiency and regarding bandwidth it will make them comparable with radial systems that will contribute to more widespread adoption of multiposition range-difference systems in practice.


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