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Application of standing waves for conditioning electromagnetic radiation


I.V. Demichev, S.G. Potapov, N.P. Shmakov, M.P. Shust

The majority of the known types of wire antennas are built on the basis of standing wave regime. In this case, the source of electric field is the oscillation of the standing waves’ amplitude with the carrier frequency. The usage of the charged particles’ localization effect in the knots of standing waves makes it possible to create another source of electromagnetic field basing on additional low-frequency modulation of standing wave’s knots. The authors examine one mathematical model that can describe interferential modulating interaction of electromagnetic counter waves. There will be given the results of imitational and full scale modeling and basing on these results there will be drawn some conclusions about the appropriateness of presenting the modulated standing wave as a source of the secondary electromagnetic radiation.


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