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А mathematical model of digital streams at the input of the receiving computer terminal data transmission in the high frequency range


V.A. Aladinskiy, D.N. Goryachikh

For information exchange on channels of a radio communication of the HF range the standardized or firm protocols of data transmission are used. When conducting radio control in the HF range the recognition of protocols of data transmission on the basis of the contrast signs which are available in them is carried out. The simulated digital streams are necessary for check of efficiency of recognition of data transmission protocols. Basic data for formation of model of digital streams are types and volume of transmitted data, and also values of parameters of packages of digital streams. On the basis of the analysis of the existing types of models the mathematical model is chosen. The block diagram of transformation of the message to a digital stream in the transferring computer terminal is offered. The processes which are carried out in the transferring computer terminal are described on the basis of the theory of mathematical logic in the form of the expressions stated by formal language. This mathematical model is specified regarding introduction of single bit errors into a digital stream by a radio channel of HF range.


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