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Filter-generator based excitation circuit of the solid-state wave gyroscope


Ye.A. Chumankin - Ph.D. (Eng.), Deputy Chief of the division of «ANPP «TEMP-AVIA» (Arzamas) B.S. Lunin - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Leading Researcher, Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University (MSU) named after M.V. Lomonosov M.A. Basarab - Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Department of «Information Security», Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Bauman MSTU) V.A. Matveev - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of the Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems, Head of the Department of «Information security», Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Bauman MSTU)

Creating modern economy inertial systems of medium accuracy requires the use of gyro sensors that are at comparable accu-racy possess less complexity of manufacturing, size and power consumption compared to traditional electromechanical gyros-copes with rotating rotor. Along with fiber optic sensors one of the options for the development of this direction, is to provide inertial systems based on wave solid-state gyroscopes with metal resonator, operating in the regime of rate sensor. The use of laser gyroscopes and quartz hemispherical resonator gyroscopes is not possible in such systems due to their high complexi-ty. At the same time requirements on the stability of the amplitude and phase of standing waves excited in metal resonators are very high since the output signal of the device is directly proportional to these parameters. Also, wave solid-state gyroscopes with metal resonator require the procedure of launch of initial oscillations in the resonator. This is usually realized with a slow controlled oscillator frequency tuning up before the initial vibration amplitude be sufficient for their capture by phase-locked loop. As a result, the start-up procedure is slow, and the schematic solutions are cumbersome. To ensure the mechanical vibration excitation of the resonator of wave solid-state gyroscopes, in this work a filter is proposed to use in the control loop, with positive feedback introduced in its scheme. The feedback ensures the generator regime of the filter at a frequency close to the natural frequency of the resonator in the absence of external signals. After the occurrence of oscillations of the resonator at a certain level of the input signal amplitude, the positive feedback in the filter-generator ceases to have an impact on its characteristics and the circuit operates as a filter.


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