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Radical modeling of problem area of planning and control of unmanned spacecraft


A.A. Gubanov – Engineer, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail: M.V. Pirogov – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Engineer, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail: N.N. Pleshchev – Engineer, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail: V.V. Rozhkov – Engineer, NPO Lavochkin (Moscow). E-mail:

Planning of work of the target spacecraft equipment of unmanned spacecraft is carried out in accordance with needs of users. Such planning takes into account various constrains. Also such planning is the main purpose of the automated complex of plan-ning and control (ACPC). There is a tendency to complication of tasks of the complex. At the same time the role of hardware and software of the complex increases. Meanwhile, despite the achievements of modern software and hardware, these tools are not perfect. In general, such a task as the task of reliable verification of software and hardware and the task of ensuring their fault tolerance remain. If we talk about the problem area of complex systems in general, of course, there are achievements. But for complex systems are also characteristic of many problem situations, conflicts, large-scale losses and catastrophes. To solve the problems of complex systems is necessary to create software and hardware of a new level. These software and hardware must be free from the disadvantages modern means and directly aimed at solving tasks of the life cycle of complex systems. These new means should cover the problem area of complex systems entirely and, in including the problem area of ACPC entirely. Pos-sibility of new means must conform to the complexity of real tasks of ACPC. By such means must be developed intellectualization of ACPC. Under the intellectualization we understand the ability to solve not only standard, but also non-standard tasks. This ar-ticle briefly discusses the promising technology of radical modeling of complex systems. This technology is based on the concept of radical environment, special formalism of schemes of radicals (RADICAL – universal language of informatics) and application of modern software and hardware. Consideration is carried out in relation of the problem area of planning and control of un-manned space craft. Some typical schemes of radicals are given. The conclusion is made about the benefits of technology of rad-ical modeling. This article reported on the practical application of radical modeling, its effectiveness and prospects. It is assumed that the consistent application of technology of radical modeling will lead to the creation and development of the necessary new mathematical tools and software. There is commonality of complex systems. This commonality is expressed in terms of radical environment and schemes of radicals. The article notes the enormity of the task of radical modeling and the need to work in this direction. There is also need for special requirements to the relevant work. The task of the first stage is selected. It is the task of developing of the atlas (catalog) of the basic schemes of radicals of complex systems.


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