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Analysis of angular discriminator in one-stage GNSS-based attitude determination


V.V. Dneprov – Post-graduate Student, Radio System Department, «National Research University «MPEI» (Moscow). E-mail: I.V. Korogodin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Radio System Department, «National Research University «MPEI» (Moscow). E-mail:

Receivers of global satellite navigation systems (GNSS) can be found in different aspects of life. GNSS signals are known to be able to provide attitude determination of an object. The task of attitude determination is often solved in two stages. Phase measurements and phase ambiguity resolution are made at first stage. The second stage is the calculation of the parameters characterizing the orientation of the antennas relative to the reference coordinate system. One-stage signal processing can improve the accuracy and interference immunity of the equipment compared to equipment with two-stage processing. The article describes the vector angular discriminator in a one-stage GNSS-based attitude determination system. Equations that allow calculating the discriminator in the general case, i.e. when receiving an arbitrary number of signals with an arbitrary number of antennas, are given. Equations for S curve, its slope and aperture are also provided. It is shown that the angular discriminator consists of the sum of single discriminators, processing one signal of one receiving antenna each. The results of computer simulation are given to verify theoretical results.


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May 29, 2020

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