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About the principle of control of the TV-camera drive in observing and security systems


E.P. Arzoumanian − Dr.Sc. (Eng.), CJSC «MNITI» D.V. Mikolaychuk − Head of Sector, CJSC «MNITI»

Observing and security systems are very important for the society life. Mainly such system represents a stationary device established on a ro-tational platform which uses TV (or IR) camera with wide visual angle pointed to secured object: urban institution, highway, etc. With time mobile observing systems intended for local events efficient surveying find much wider application. In this case it makes high demands of mobile system dynamic characteristics. To increase the surveying range the smaller lens angle is required that in turn, demands the high quality of electromechanical drive. In this case, control system must provide the wide field of view along with narrow visual field of TV camera. This study performs the analysis and estimate of double-circuit auto tracking system which solves the given problem. The system re-ferred above has got the first-order astaticism within itself. It also includes both internal electronic circuit and external electrome-chanical one. The mathematical modeling was conducted and the values of main parameters leading to the system stability were de-fined. The model uses the linear frequency modulated signal as a disturbing influence. At the design stage of real equipment ob-tained model allows to optimize many parameters such as permissible angle velocities and accelerations of the camera optical axis.


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