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Valuation of dynamics of private purchases of Russian market of medical products for the period of 2014-second half of 2015


M.А. Lapochkin − General Director, Limited Liability Company «Small innovative enterprise «StellarTech» (LLC «SIE «StellarTech»). E-mail: A.B. Ivanov − Executive Director, Limited Liability Company «Small innovative enterprise «StellarTech» (LLC «SIE «StellarTech»). E-mail: A.A. Vanin − General Director, Closed Joint-Stock Company «Vega-Invest» (CJSC «Vega-Invest»). E-mail: A.O. Estrin − Deputy Head of Department, Joint-Stock Company «NICEVT». E-mail: S.M. Alkhutov − Research Scientist, Limited Liability Company «Small innovative enterprise «StellarTech» (LLC «SIE «StellarTech»). E-mail:

The article presents the qualitative assessment method for dynamic estimation of private purchases. Assessment is basеd on the im-port and government purchases data. The private market is very profitable for medical equipment vendors, but the private purchases data usually is not available. Now private purchases volume can be estimated from import volume and government purchases volume available publicly. The method demonstrates that private purchases of ultrasonic medical equipment are increasing. This conclusion is also implicated by abundance of private facilities equipped with ultrasonic hardware. The article also demonstrates the limitations of the method.
  1. Vanin A.A., EHstrin A.O. Rossijjskijj rynok medicinskikh izdelijj: itogi 2014 goda // Remedium. 2015. 6. S. 6−11.

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