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Modeling dynamic characteristics of microwave photonics’ nano-structured devices using microwave-band electronic cad tool awrde


M.E. Belkin - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio-Engineering and Electronics V.V. Golovin - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Sevastopol State University (SevSU) Y.N. Tyschuk - Senior Lecturer, Sevastopol State University (SevSU)

Up-to-date microwave photonics has become a most attractive area of microwave radio-electronics as a modern scientific direction as well as a perspective industrial technology. The stimuli for it are the opportunities of utilization simultaneously in a number of important strategic areas, such as communication, radar, and electronic warfare systems. As well-known, any microwave photonic apparatus includes two elements of principle: electro-optical transducer which could use effectively nano-structured long-wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting laser (LW-VCSEL) and optical-electric transducer that is realized everywhere in modern fiber optic systems by a nano-structured semiconductor photodiode. The main touch-stone for suitability of their performances for microwave photonic goals is that the modulation bandwidth (or pass bandwidth) includes microwave range. The known approach during a computer simulation and analysis of microwave photonic devices containing an optoelectronic couple (OEC) based on a laser and a photodiode, consists in exploiting specialized optoelectronic computer-aided design (CAD) tool VPI Transmission Maker. In this paper, a newer approach to computer-aided design of microwave photonic devices using powerful microwave electronic CAD tool such as NI AWR Design Environment (AWRDE) which has a number of obvious benefits, for example, reasonableness in modeling the devices and apparatus of microwave band, taking into account frequency and non-linear features of optoelectronic transducers, as such as in availability of powerful means for numerical analysis and synthesis that are absent in any modern optoelectronic CAD tool, is presented. To validate this approach the models and simulation results for the transmission characteristics in small-signal and large signal modes of the OEC under test, the laser’s related intensity noise (RIN) performances, as well as the models and simulation results referred to enhancing OEC’s transmission gain characteristic due to impedance matching of the signal source and the laser input, are highlighted. The inaccuracy when using electronic and optoelectronic CAD tools is compared on the example of modeling the noise characteristics of the same OEC.


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