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The analysis of methods of performance\'s increasing in information support of radio technical system\'s CAD


S.N. Kuznetsov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Конструирование и технология РЭС», Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). E-mail: A.S. Kuznetsov – Head of Department of Information Technologies, Pushkin State Museum. E-mail:

In article the methods of increase of performance of information support of the radio technical system\'s CAD, based on a modular principle are analyzed. The databases providing both storage and selection of all the modules, included in a hierarchical tree of system, and the operations connected with removal or addition of modules at any hierarchical level of system are the basis of information support of such CAD. The performance of database, at the solution of the tasks stated above, in many respects depends on its structure, number of hierarchical levels and number of stored modules radio technical system. In paper comparison of performance of two options of creation of DB providing to carry out hierarchical queries are given: by using method a «parent–child» or method, which uses the type of data of HierarchyID. Also in article three options of creation of DB, which can carry out procedure of queries like «generation of modules», are analyzed: by using method a «parent–child», by using method, which uses the type of data of HierarchyID and by using method, which uses the type of data of HierarchyID with breath-first index. The analysis of the considered methods shows that at a small number of the modules, included in a hierarchical tree, the performance of database is almost identical to all options of creation of DB. Therefore it makes sense to apply a «parent–child» method, as the simplest at realization. This is true both for hierarchical queries, and for queries like «generation of modules». If the number of modules is rather great (more than 1000), to increase performance of database, when hierarchical queries carry out it is expedient to apply a method in which the type of data of HierarchyID is used, and when queries like «generation of modules» carry out – a method in which the type of data of HierarchyID with breath-first index. The main result of paper are practical recommendations of using in CAD of the considered options of creation of DB depending on complexity of the developed radio technical system. A scope of the received results are CAD of radio technical, information, electronic and other systems the construction of which is based on a modular principle.


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