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Development of the control unit of the BLDC motor on the base of the programmable logic device


S.A. Il’ushin - Student, Electric Technical Development Department, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail: A.A. Sharonov - Assistant Professor, Department for Information Technologies and Computer-Aided Systems, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail: V.V. Kiselev - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Electric Technical Development Department, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail:

Today there are many different electric motors. One of modern types of the electric motors which were widely adopted are brushless direct curent motors (BLDC motors). In comparison with ordinary motors, BLDC motors have higher efficiency at the expense of the structure (in them there is no collector knot). However the structure of such engine imposes difficulties at its use. The electronic scheme of management which will form a three-phase trapezoidal signal with shift in 120 ° is necessary for the BLDC motor. The control units existing at the moment, as a rule, are realized by BLDC engines on microcontrollers. Similar devices have narrow spe-cialization, and, as a result, are of little use for more exact fine tuning under needs of the end user. Moreover, speed of microprocessor systems of this kind concedes to programmable logic devices (PLD). Therefore the task to develop the control unit on the basis of more flexible decision – the programmable logical integrated scheme is set. Key knot of the control unit is PLD. It carries out functions on formation of output managing directors of signals. The algorithm of formation of the operating signals is based on pulse-width modulation. Engine management is based on a scalar method. This method of control over the electric motor consists in maintenance of the constant relation tension/frequency in all working range of speeds, thus only the size and frequency of the feeding tension is controlled. The scalar method, unlike vector, excludes application of analog measurements that allows to avoid use of analog-digital converters in the scheme, and, therefore, simplifies the scheme at preservation of its functionality. The developed control unit can be applied by the beskollektrony engine on the PLD base in such systems where the maximum speed of each of knots of system is required. And also in systems where possibility of more flexible configuration of the device is necessary. Ap-plication PLD as the operating element of the scheme leaves possibility of modernization of working algorithms without essential increase and complication of structure of the operating block in general.


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