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Information system of machinery equipment enterprise


R.A. Fayzrakhmanov - Dr.Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Acting Head of the Department of Information Technology and Automation Systems, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail: A.B. Fedorov - Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Technology and Automation Systems, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail: N.F. Shayakbarov - Post-graduate Student, Assistant, Department of Information Technology and Automation Systems, Perm National Research Polytechnic University. E-mail:

The article describes the principle of create an information system for monitoring machinery equipment company. The economic development of any city or region of the country is impossible without the development of its businesses. As the volume of output increased demands for efficiency, reliability and transparency of the process operations. Therefore, to reduce the risk caused by the human factor, for production, business economics and terms of output must be able to receive information on the status of utilization of machines and make decisions based on it. To obtain complete information with the machine it is necessary, first, to connect them to the remote control device and, secondly, to process data received from the connected devices. But this is only a minimum plan of action, suitable for small enterprises with the number of machines is measured in units. For medium-sized enterprises have a complete information system is needed. Examples of such systems is possible to name a few. For large-scale productions, where the number of machines can be measured in the hundreds, for many reasons, it is easier and cheaper to deploy their own system of monitoring, and adapt the commercial version of the system. Common solu-tions to this problem at the present time. The article offers one of the solutions to this problem. The information system of three levels – sub-system for collecting, transporting and processing. For data acquisition subsystem solves the problem of the choice of controllers. On the one hand controller must have sufficient for functional monitoring of all available parameters of the machine, and on the other hand not to each machine can be connected a controller (without intervention of the electronic circuits and mechanisms). A model for identifying and classifying the status of the machine on the horizontal and vertical data slice. To do this, the controller of each machine set the range of operating conditions. It is also necessary to calculate the cutting speed, the product of the amount of travel speeds on three axes and spindle speed. The article describes the application software to web-based technologies for automated jobs foreman, shop superintendent, director of production and administrator information system for monitoring machinery equipment company. Master workshop information is available on the utilization of machinery equipment at the current time and the speed of movement of the cutting tool. Head shop available information busiest shop or group of shops and busiest of machinery equipment at the current time. Director of production available reports on the work of machines and workshops, as well as various types of graphs – busiest machines in shifts day and, based on the percentage of finding a unit of machine tools in the «off» / «works» / «downtime» / «idling». Thus, for enterprises of different types of equipment proposed information system for monitoring of machinery equipment in real time. Developed solutions for system design, maintenance, software, information and mathematical software, forms of reports and graphs provide information on the use of equipment to varying degrees aggregation. Recognition subsystem allows pinpoint information on the use of equipment in real time. Trial operation of the system in one of the companies showed sufficient socio-economic efficiency of the process of monitoring the use of production equipment.


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