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Object-oriented programming environment OpenMusic and its use in analyzing the concepts of creating for musical pieces


G.G. Amosov – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Leading Researcher, Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS (Moscow) A.S. Nadzharov – Researcher, Centre for Electroacoustic Music, Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory

By the example of analyzing a part of musical piece “Désintégration” by Tristan Murail we show that the author idea consists in using the certain mathematical algorithm implemented on the computer. This procedure results in a sequence of cordes typed in the traditional musical notation. Thus, it is realized a jump “from sound to note” rather than “from note to sound”. We shall use programming environment OpenMusic in which the processes occuring inside the computer appear in the form of visual pictures on the screen. The considered algorithms can be used for tuning paramters of the trained structures including neural networks. Such usual programming algorithms as cycles are shown to be pictures on the screen of computer. Both the mathematical algorithms and note editors are presented inside the patch. The advantage of operating in the environment of OpenMusic is supported by compatibility with the general musical editors. Thus the result of the program evaluation gives rise to the files which can be represented in any appropriate format.


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May 29, 2020

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