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Near-duplicate video retrieval methods


I.K. Nikitin - Рost-graduate student, Moscow Aviation Institute. E-mail:

Near duplicate video retrieval techniques implement the following steps. 1. Video is divided into segments. 2. Keyframes are extracted from each segment. 3. Features are extracted from keyframes. Keyframe features represent the whole video. 4. The similarity between the videos is calculated as a similarity between keyframe features. There are methods using global features and the local ones. Local methods reduce the problem of finding similar videos to the problem of finding image duplicates. The paper discusses the local methods: tracing the trajectories of the points of interest in the frame; comparison of the points of interest in keyframes; bag of visual keywords. Global methods simulate the spatial, temporal and color information of frames and scenes. The similarity between the video query and the videos from database is defined as the similarity of video signatures. Global features are useful for retrieve «almost identical» videos and can identify minor changes in the space-time domain. In this paper we consider several ways to built global signatures: locally sensitive hashing; ordinal measure; video DNA-representation; shot change positions; the shot change tree. At the end the combination of methods within a novel shot descriptor is 0proposed. The descriptor consists of: a vector of the relations of shot lengths to lengths of other shots (relative shot lengths) as a global feature; features of initial and final frames as local ones.


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