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Electromagnetic models of quasi-planar E-plane metal insert waveguide filters and diplexers


M.B. Manuilov – Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don) K.V. Kobrin – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don)

The efficient full-wave methods for analysis of quasi-planar E-plane metal insert waveguide filters and diplexers are proposed. The ri-gorous numerical-analytical technique of analysis of E-plane metal insert waveguide filters is based on Galerkin technique with taking into account the edge condition. The weighted Gegebauer polynomials are used as the basis functions which ensure the fast convergence of solution. The important step of the suggested theory is the analytical transformation of the matrix operator of the final linear algebraic equations system (SLAE). The static (singular) part of the matrix operator is separated and analytically evaluated. In fact, the separation of the matrix operator static part plays the role of the analytical regularization of SLAE of the first kind. The proposed accurate numerical-analytical solution may be considered as the test solution for various numerical methods for this range of problems. The full-wave analysis of diplexer is based on Galerkin method and generalized scattering matrix method. The key scattering problems for basic discontinuities are solved by Galerkin method with weighted Gegebauer polynomials as the basis functions, which ensures as well as the efficient combining S-matrices algorithm the high numerical efficiency of the total solution. The five-resonator waveguide filter for operation over K-band is successfully designed, fabricated and tested. The band-width of the filter is 1%, insertion loss is less than 1 dB. The comparison of the proposed theory and experimental data shows a good agreement. The frequency characteristics of the optimized Ka-band waveguide diplexer for operation over the standard communication applications bands are presented.


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