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Research and psychomotor correction of neurotic fears when learning to horseback riding


E.A. Sviatlovskaya – Lecturer, Economics and Culture Institute, State Educational Institution Children’s Park “Fili” (Moscow). E-mail: E.A. Nikonova – Ph.D. (Biol.), Associate Professor, Economics and Culture Institute, State Educational Institution Children’s Park “Fili” (Moscow). E-mail:

The paper describes the experience of teaching horse riding. We worked with children, who wanted to ride but couldn’t achieve any results. Our experience is that such neurotic fear quite often isn’t caused by the riding itself, as it was thought before. It has its roots in the stress from school or family problems and can’t be released by traditional riding teaching. Such people, children and adults, couldn’t be taught riding in traditional way because of overwhelming fear. We created a method and a program to help the children through exercises and games. We consider our program extremely useful for rides of any age with position or balance problems. The program is different from most of existing ways of teaching because we work more with unconscious mechanisms than it is common in teaching. We work with the body and the body sensibility. The method is based on the idea that the task is to teach the body and than the mind, not the other way round. In the paper are described the experience, ideas and principles, because to describe the exercises we need a lot of room. Most of the children who took part in our program managed to deal with their fear and became much more confident in general. That experience helped them a lot in other stressful and challenging situations in their lives. The results are also theoretical value as the most common complex learning algorithms, including, closed, and network systems.


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May 29, 2020

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