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Ultrawide-band fixed phase shifters on stepped coupled transmission lines with a stub


V.V. Alekseev – Ph. D. (Eng.), Director of Mytishchinsky SRI of Radio-Measuring Instruments. E-mail: V.P. Mesсhanov – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Director of NIKA-Microwave, Ltd (Saratov). E-mail: V.V. Semenchuk – Head of Department Mytishchinsky SRI of Radio-Measuring Instruments. E-mail: L.V. Shikova – Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Leading Research Scientist, NIKA-Microwave, Ltd (Saratov). E-mail:

Synthesis problems of wide-band fixed phase shifters having a new structure of phase shift channel formed by a cascade connection of n uniform coupled transmission lines with a stub are solved for n = 2, 3. Electrical lengths of the uniform coupled transmission line sections are set equal to the stub length. The synthesis problem solution consists in simultaneous optimization both of a phase shift function deviation from the nominal value φ0, and of a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) at the input of phase-shift channel by use of the design environment AWRD_DE. A mini-max optimization criterion and simplex method was used. The supplied lines impedances were set equal to 50 Ohms. Following parameters were used as the variable ones: the electrical lengths of coupled transmission line sections and of the stub; the electrical length of the reference channel θок; impedances of the even Z0ei and odd Z0oi oscillation types of the i-th (i = 1, 2, 3) coupled line section respectively; impedance of the stub Zшл. Optimum parameters of the phase shifter are obtained. They can be used both for designing wide-band phase shifters with improved characteristics on TEM-transmission lines, and as the initial approach for designing phase shifters on microstrip transmission lines. The advantages of the proposed new phase shifter structure in comparison with the one suggested and investigated in the approach of TEM-waves in [4] are: deviation of phase-versus-frequency characteristic from nominal phase shift value is significantly decreased; stub impedance values are significantly decreased; consequently, their implementation is simplified; the proposed structure uses only one stub, therefore it is more economical.


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