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Performance review and future development of unmanned aircraft vehicles of physical technical institute of NAS of Belarus


A.I. Gordienko – Academician of Sciences, Director of Research Center, Physical-Technical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Y.F. Yatsyna – Ph.D. (Eng.), Director of Scientific and Production Center, Physical-Technical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus M.V. Maksimova – Specialist, Physical-Technical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. E-mail:

Trend analysis results of unmanned aircraft systems (further UAS) including UAS created at «PTI NAS of Belarus», their classification and application features for the trailing, weapon source destruction targeting. Estimated future development of UAS. List of solved scientific and technical problems met during their development and management serialization. There are described technical specification of three types of UAS developed at the institute which have aircraft or airship configuration, flight range from 20 to 290 km. Their technical performance is reflected in the report. Every UAS has module structure which allows to realize wide range of customer’s requirements such as payload and mobile or portable performance. Depending on payload all types of UAS can perform photo, video, heat (IR) recording, scout location and objects, determine their coordinates in daylight and nightlight hours. The typical UAS includes fixed number of unmanned aircraft vehicles, mobile or portable ground control station, module of transmitting-receiving equipment, standard set of payload mounted on gyro-stabilized platform, set of tool kit, service documentation. UASs have automatic control system. Optionally, UAS can be provided with data on-line transmission station which allows transmitting live videofeed from UAV not only on the ground control station but also to other users. Realized performance of UAS and their typical payloads (TV-, foto-, IR-cameras, multispectral cameras) created at the R&D center «UAS and Technologies» are described in the report. Also here were considered their further improvements, examined their practical applying by different users including Armed Forces, MOI, MOES, Border Committee. Besides, here are shown results of training and testing equipment creation, necessary for testing, equipment alignment and training ground control station operators.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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