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Echo signal simulator hardware and software implementation for airborne warning and control radar systems


Т.А. Kudryavtseva – Leading Engineer, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail: Т.А. Lepekhina – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of Department, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail: S.V. Mitko – Leading Engineer, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail:

A unified system of ground and flight testing involving certified facilities for simulation, hardware-in-the-loop tests and flight experiments is proposed to be developed for multi-mode airborne radar design and workout expense reduce and time saving. Echo signal simulator (the Item «I») consisting of a set of hardware-in-the loop facilities and a complex of experiment result registration and analysis. Simulator hardware is mounted in three 19-inch cooled racks «Rittal» containing workstations designed as industrial computers and linked by Ethernet 100 base-Tx. There is an output test signal simulator for matching the simulator with signal processing hardware of the radar under test in the first rack. The facilities in the second rack simulate signals reflected from flying and ground-based targets considering carrier motion and current air traffic situation. The third rack contains simulators of test signals to workout the functions of aircraft tracking and reflected signal digital processing. Operator and engineer automated workplaces are arranged to facilitate experiment management and result acquisition. The workplaces are designed as desk-mounted computers with proper peripherals. A network disk storage mounted in the rack is used for common data access and exchange. A 50” TV is used for experiment result visual displaying. There are 35 test modes to simulate situations and 15 modes of output data processing implemented in the «I» item for high-precision measurements of radar characteristics. The «I» item can be used to estimate various radar system characteristics, including those based on long-flight UAVs. It is achieved by implementing of flexible adaptation of Item «I» software without changing of hardware configuration.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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