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Implementation of protection from thyristor effect at the timing and switching device


A.V. Spirin – Engineer, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail: D.V. Bondarev – Engineer, JSC «Concern «VEGA» E-mail:

To provide an interaction of the devices, which are components of one complex, it is needed to ensure synchronization, which in most cases can be achieved by binding all the components to one periodically repeating timestamp. Apart from that, it is needed to provide a commutation of the components, which are located in different parts of the complex (e.g. fuselage and cowl) to achieve their interaction. For efficient interaction of receivers synchronizations and commutation functions are combined in one device. This device should execute following tasks: to form unified timestamp for all receivers; to transmit navigation data from pilot-navigation complex to other receivers; calculate location of antenna relative to construction line carrier based on results of angle turn sensor and to transmit that data to group of receivers, that interact with locator; to provide interaction of micro navigation device with computing system and navigation block. Timestamp formation is based on data, which is received from micro navigation device and from pilot-navigation complex, which provides more reliable data. In case of data absence timestamp is formed by synchronization device according to inner timer. Navigation data is transmitted to other receivers with formed request. Antenna turn angle issuing device continuously transmits data to synchronization and commutation devices, which make data processing, transformation, and transmission to receivers, interacting with locators and computing system. Data transition from synchronization and commutation device to receivers of patrol radar and secondary locator is provided via electrical commutation lines and duplicated along the fiber optic lines. Synchronization and commutation device provides interaction of receivers, located in the different parts of the complex, via Ethernet (100 Base Tx) connection standard, what is more, interaction of receivers located in fuselage and synchronization and communication device is performed along fiber optic lines. Synchronization and communication device performs one of the main functions, which are necessary for correct operation of radiolocation complex, providing transition of reliable data in certain order to those receivers, which need it.

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