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Organization of a stand for synchronization and commutation device ground testing


A.S. Sivtsov – Engineer, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail:

For an organized and effective work of the radiolocation watch complex, that contains a lot of inner and outer connections, a high technological synchronization device, that provides commutation of different data types, is developed. It also provides a reception of a data stamps, formation and issue a unified time stamp, time synchronization of complex products via NTP protocol, reception of digital navigation data and also an issue of a digital antenna azimuth data to the radiolocation watch equipment. This device is serving a big amount of composite sections of the complex, therefore a serious attention should be taken while developing a stand and organizing test rounds. While creating a testing stand it is recommended to forecast an opportunity to hold the testing rounds in several steps and to create different conditions for efficiency verification of devices, that are part of the complex. Testing stand contains control equipment, which works with a certain algorithm, and also specialized program software. Control equipment along with a specialized software should execute following functionality: turn angle signal sensor imitation and imitation of devices, that provide data reception, which contains antenna turn angle relative to construction line carrier; imitation of a pilot navigation complex signal via ARINC429 or Ethernet(100 Base Tx) connection; time stamps issue imitation and verification; NTP client imitation; data package formation and transmission to a commutation device with a following reception and verification of a received package with the sent one. Suggested stand and developed methods will provide an independent testing of composite sections of the complex along with the whole complex itself on a ground testing stage.
May 29, 2020

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