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The realization of the hardware-in-the-loop workbench for the tests of radars with synthetic aperture mode


К.А. Mazlov – Engineer, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail:

Today the spaceborne and airborne radar systems effectively solve a wide range of the earth remote sensing tasks. Thereby the possibility of verification of spaceborne and airborne radar systems through characteristics is very actual and important task. The hardware and software realization of the hardware-in-the-loop workbench based on the Agilent modular equipment is suggested in this work. This workbench allows to evaluate the SAR through characteristics at the stage of ground tests. The hardware-in-the-loop workbench allows forming the test signal with arbitrary form and modulation which simulate the probing signal reflection from the simulated objects and underlying surface. This signal could be given to the input of radar reception path by the coaxial cable or to the transceiving module through the horn antenna. The performance capabilities of this hardware-in-the-loop workbench were used on the technological kit of the S-band spaceborne SAR. The test survey session of the simulated single and group objects for the measurement of SAR spatial resolution and the surface-distributed objects for the radiometric characteristic measurement was carried out during this experiment. The quality of the obtained results is corresponded to the calculated through characteristics of the radar under test. The concerned hardware-in-the-loop workbench can be used for the part of patrol radar station which involves transceiving module from the active phased array antenna. The probing signals and the simulated reflected signals from single and group objects could be formed by tools of this workbench. The arbitrary-waveform generator bandwidth allows forming the signals corresponded to the carrier frequency tuning mode including the SAR mode with interperiod spectrum spreading. Usage of the hardware-in-the-loop workbench allows to carry out a SAR ground tests with coverage of secondary processing function of tested complex objects images with calibrated characteristics. Previously it was impossible due to the lack of hardware and software tools of reflected signals imitation.

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