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The method of determining classes of air targets in an onboard radio-electronic complex of the perspective fighter


А.V. Vasiliev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Deputy General Director, JSC «Concern «VEGA» D.N. Kostrov – Head of Department, JSC «Scientific Research Institute of Instrument of a Name V.V. Tikhomirova» Е.А. Klimov – Research Scientist, CJSC FC «Soft». E-mail: N.М. Rasolko – Ph.D. (Eng.), General Director, CJSC FC «Soft». E-mail:

One of the most extended in the way of recognition of types (classes) of air targets is their identification to certain types (classes) on trajectory signs of movement. In modern and developed onboard radio-electronic complexes for the solution of problems of recognition as trajectory signs possibly use of the following as trajectory signs: range of heights of flight of the purpose; range of speeds of flight of the purpose; range of accelerations of flight of the purpose; maximum overloads of the purpose. The provided characteristics allow to calculate trajectories of movement of air targets and with a certain reliability to carry them to a known class (type) of targets. In article for definition of the class (type) of air targets use two signs are offered. As the first sign of recognition it is offered to use the size which is a projection of normal flight to a trajectory of air object (a vector of speed) accelerations on the vertical plane. Thus at the air objects making the ideal ballistic flight true value Wпв = 0. For the objects flying in the horizontal plane on an ideal rectilinear trajectory Wпв = g. As the second sign the sign created by multiplication of Wпв to the module of a vector of speed of object is used. It gives the chance to allocate types of the air objects grouped in characteristic trajectories. Researches of offered signs by a way of mathematical modeling are carried out. Realization of an approach offered in article as a part of an onboard radio-electronic complex of the perspective fighter by a preliminary estimate will allow to increase probability of the correct recognition types an air target for 17…19%.


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May 29, 2020

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