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Narrowband TDOA and FDOA restrictions and wideband modification of emitter location methods


I.V. Gogolev – Engineer, JSC «Research Institute «Vector». E-mail: G.Yu. Yashin – Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Specialist, JSC «Research Institute «Vector»

The standard methods of signal emitter Geolocation with distributed receiver network Time-Difference-Of-Arrival and Frequency-Difference-Of-Arrival (TDOA and FDOA) based on narrowband signal model. Narrowband signal model approach in this methods determined by assumption of constant time and frequency differences during all measurement. In fact, in case of continuous measurement by moving receiver, propagation time is a function of receive moment. As a result of investigation we can talk about simple criteria – in case of Doppler spectrum width is more than required frequency estimation accuracy narrow band model is no more suitable. So we can’t consider the received signals like a time delayed and frequency shift copy of transmitted signal. In paper the new wideband signal parameters and TDOA/FDOA modification for passive location were developed. In case of wideband signal new parameters of time scale and delay estimation was proposed.


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May 29, 2020

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