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Optical interconnection is internally – an integral part of advanced manufacturing microwave electronics


D.А. Danilenko – Post-graduate Student, Senior Specialist, JSC «Concern «VEGA». E-mail:

There exists radio electronic products containing microwave electronics need this upgrade, which will result in the release of products with significantly improved performance. Such modernization can only transfer to other promising technologies of their manufacture. Optical waveguides are used in the most advanced microwave products, will give way to the integral in the composition of radio modules monolithic execution using 3DMS-tehnologiy. SVCh-elements, crystals, microphotonics, optical waveguides, 3DMS-technology, the wavelength. The paper proposed a fundamentally new technological solutions, determined by the design and operational characteristics of the products created by him. The examples are not encapsulation RF chips of different purposes of foreign and domestic production. The application of the optical waveguide composed of modern microwave electronics products to provide high noise-transmitting the information signal; expressed a reasonable expectation that they will give way to optical interconnects, integrated radio-electronic modules in a monolithic execution using 3DMS-technologies. The structure of promising electronic module comprising a RF chip and optical interconnects; provide evidence for individual design solutions; the advantages of such a module.


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