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Multi-channel imaging mode in multi-beam space-borne SAR


М.L. Bulygin – Engineer, Open Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments». E-mail: S.L. Vnotchenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Leading Research Scientist, Open Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments». E-mail: А.I. Kovalenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of Department, Open Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments». E-mail: V.V. Riman – Ph.D. (Eng.), General Designer, Open Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments». E-mail: I.N. Chechina – Head of Sector, Open Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments». E-mail:

Ambiguity problem in space-borne SAR is extremely complex, because of the large slant range to targets and high speed motion radar. This effect imposes significant restrictions on the implementation of the radar in high-resolution mode with a large swath. Multi-beam space-borne SAR based on APAA can significantly improve the performance of radar images through the use of multi-channel strip-modes, characterized by digital methods of forming antenna beams at the reception, as well as space-time coding probe signal for transmission. Thus, the method of digital beamforming can significantly improve the SAR performance in scan modes. The article discusses the implementation of the principle of multi-channel space-borne SAR, built on the basis of X-band APAA to the formation of up to four independent antenna beams. Describes the implementation of the principle of the scanning multichannel mode and put forward demands to the deviation of rays radiation pattern in azimuth. Just assesses the characteristics of radar data in the generated mode. For example, the scan mode is provided, with the expansion of the capture range is about 4 times and preservation of resolution in azimuth. In this apparatus forms on-board reception directivity pattern by four beams. In the classical (single-channel) mode scanning in azimuth resolution shooting deteriorated to four times.


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