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The mathematical calculator of operations from the floating comma on neurons


S.S. Shevelev – Ph.D.(Eng.), Assistant Professor, Chair of the Pulpit Protection to Information and Communications Network, South-West State University (Kursk). E-mail:

In article questions on development of the mathematical calculator are considered which fulfills arithmetical operations of sum-mation, subtractions, multiplication and divisions of the binary numbers presented in a format from a floating comma are consi-dered. Mathematical operations from a floating comma are widely applied in the field of three-dimensional computer graphics, over the vectorial data, Actions over numbers in shape from a floating comma do not demand scaling of the data and give more broad range of representation of numbers. Numbers from a floating comma in the binary code are steadiest against rounding off errors. Numbers in a format from a floating comma are represented in a type: an order sign, value of the order, a sign on a mantissa, a mantissa. At performance of the main arithmetical operations in a format from a floating comma is necessary to ful-fill operations over orders, then over mantissas of numbers. The main computing unit in the device is the single-digit adder-subtracter of binary numbers on neurons. This unit contains: the adder on the unit two, fulfilled on neural element and threshold elements. On a threshold element transfer at addition or a loan is formed at subtraction. Also on threshold elements the single-digit binary accumulator and a subtractor are under construction. In a format from a floating comma is necessary to fulfill operations over orders of numbers, the result mantissa should be pre-sented in the normalized type, after a comma there should be unit. The mathematical calculator can be used as the arithmetical coprocessor. The calculator is intended for performance of opera-tions over numbers in a format with a floating point and long integers numbers. It considerably accelerates calculations, both simple arithmetical operations, and results of various mathematical functions.


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May 29, 2020

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