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Electromagnetic compatibility and jamming resistance of multifunctional radar microwave receivers, operating in grouping


V.I. Pleshivcev - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Leading Engineer, JSC «Almaz-Antey». E-mail: v.pleshivtsev @ T.I. Gradova - Head of Sector, JSC «Almaz-Antey». E-mail: M.B. Orehov - Deputy Head of Department, JSC «Almaz-Antey». E-mail:

The article considers vital questions of the band MFR microwave receiver’s protection, accomplishing the combat tasks in grouping, against interfering signals produced by the accidental duel interactions of neighboring radio-electronic means and against industrial and other noises from the equipment and devices located within the grouping area. Recently developed electrically-proof band microwave amplifiers of the EIA, CPIA types and protection devices of CPD and EPD types, using the cyclotron resonance, had widely broaden the supportability of EMC norms as well as electric protection of the MR microwave receivers inputs. However, to resolve the protection problem and EMC of microwave MFR it’s necessary to provide the following: To organize the correct selection of scheme network composition of operating, heterodyne, intermediate frequencies providing the highest suppression of the image, adjacent and other frequencies in the receiver; To minimize the spectral signal components of interoperating radars; To recommend the most optimal frequency-spatial distribution of operated means in the grouping. The performed author’s works gave an opportunity to formulate the specific recommendations on radio-technical means arrangement at field. The recommendations for the development of microwave low-noise amplifiers of the Doppler radars were presented as well.


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