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Approach to automation identification measurement of signals in telecommunication systems


T.I. Lapina - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Chair of Information Systems and Technologies, South-West State University (Kursk). E-mail: D.V. Lapin - Senior Research Scientist, Institute Scientific Researches (Kursk). E-mail:

© Authors, 2015 © Radiotekhnika, 2015 At present, widely used systemis-favor to perform authentication, identification and classification as an input measurement signals of various sensors or devices that carry information about the status of objects or processes. The possibilities of such systems are determined by the ability to recognize, identify and classify data, the results of measurements of signal parameters. The article discusses the approach to solving the problems of identification and classification of measurement data signals based on waveform analysis, as a form defines the information content of the signal and is not connected directly to the energy of the signal. In this case, the problem of recognition signals are reduced to the task of analyzing the wave form sand their characteristics. These measurements are called Zion Identification measurements. The result is to obtain quantitative measures, the possibility of algorithms and automation, reducing the computational complexity of procedures for the identification and classification of signals in telecommunications systems.


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