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Operational information system accounting and management of vehicles


S.V. Degtyarev - Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Chief Research Scientist, South-Western State University (Kursk). E-mail: Y.A. Lysenko - Chief Engineer, Developmental Bureau (DB) of the research center (RC), (Kursk). E-mail: E.N. Ivanova - Ph.D. (Eng.), Senior Lecturer, кафедра Developmental Bureau (DB) of the research center (RC), South-Western State University (Kursk). E-mail:

In article the set-theoretic description of control units of indications of the dashboard is considered: a set of the components which are a part of the device, a set of the determined communications, the function defining an admissible combination of components and the determined communications between them; set of methods and algorithms of processing and transformation of information, set of characteristics of the device. The models used in the majority of the existing systems of synthesis and the reflecting relationships of cause and effect of components and operations in the form of arches with initial and final tops are given. For work with models of components the special rule of a conclusion allowing to synthesize structure of the control unit of indications of the dashboard in compliance with the set parameters is used.


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