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Development and research of radio and radiation-protective composite materials


V.N. Gulbin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Department of Radioprotection materials, JSC «EMC of Corporation «Vega» (Moscow). E-mail: N.S. Kolpakov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Deputy General Director, JSC «EMC of Corporation «Vega» (Moscow). E-mail: V.V. Gorkavenko – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, Head of Scientific and technical department, JSC «EMC of Corporation «Vega» (Moscow). E-mail: V.V. Cherdyntsev – Ph. D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, Department of Physical chemistry, NUST «MISIS» (Moscow). E-mail:

As a result of the studies were developed effective radio-protective polymer composites based on UHMWPE filled with radar absorbing carbon composition. For radio-protective properties in construction, decoration and building materials were developed enough cheap radio absorbing carbon composition, giving various materials and products functional property of absorbing electromagnetic microwave radiation. Designed polymer composites are designed to reduce EMF in the metropolis, civil or industrial buildings and structures to values corresponding to the sanitary norms, they use environmentally friendly carbon components and these polymer composites allow a person to get rid of electromagnetic pollution in its habitat, especially in large metropolitan areas. Developed and investigated radiation-protective composites filled with sinks ionizing radiation: neutron (BN, B4C), gamma (nano-tungsten) with a metal (aluminum alloys AMg6 and V95) and polymer (ultrahigh molecular polyethylene – UHMWPE) matrix. Of greatest interest are composites following combinations: a) aluminum matrix composites – AMg6 + BNn+m + Wn; B95 + BNn+m + Wn; AMg6 + B4Cn+m + Wn; V95 + B4Cn+m + Wn; b) polymer matrix composites – BNn+m + Wn + UHMWPE. Aluminum matrix composites have the following properties: a) tensile strength of 350−500 MPa, a yield strength in compression of 300−430 MPa; b) the attenuation of neutron radiation 2,15−3,0; c) scattering coefficient of gamma radiation reaches Kγ = 1,40; g) has high thermal conductivity properties. In the polymer-matrix composites DMA analysis revealed an increase in modulus, tensile strength and yield strength. Calorimetry samples obtained polymer matrix composites showed that their hardening occurs because of a reorientation and stretching of the polymer chains under the influence of alternating loads during annealing. Measuring the attenuation coefficient of gamma radiation isotope with energy Eγ = 122 keV showed an increase in the attenuation coefficient γ-radiation to a value of 20−30%. Neutron tests showed that the transmittance of the neutron flux dependent on the concentration of boron-containing fillers, and very much dependent on the speed of the neutrons. Found that the transmission coefficient of thermal neutrons (V = 1 km/s) at a concentration of 20 wt.% of B4C. 0,2−0,25 reaches, i.e. 75−80% is absorbed, and the transmittance of fast neutrons (V = 300 km/s) at the same concentration B4C reaches 0,6−0,7, i.e. absorbed no more than 30−40%.


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