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Stochastic interpolation of bearing in adaptive antenna arrays with sequential beam formation on the basis of truncated (small element) apertures and input signal robust statistics


Yu. N. Gorbunov – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Professor of MIREA; Leading Research Scientist, Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS. E-mail:

Problem statement. Taking into account the instrumental limitations in the construction of angle channels of radar systems of spacecraft stimulates the search for new techniques and digital signal processing algorithms in adaptive antenna arrays. The need for Doppler and space-frequency filtering of signals against passive and active interferences, the complex diversity of situations leaves unsolved the problem of sequence diagram formation based on truncated (small element) apertures and robust statistics at the input, compatibility of modes of moving targets selection, interference cancellation without changing of binary-sign quantization signals by quadratures. The article aim is to decrease bearing measurement instrument errors in adaptive antenna arrays. Methods. The following methods have been used: statistical radio engineering, analysis of linear discrete systems, linearization of nonlinearities. Results. To achieve the aim the principle of \"stochastic linearization\" of rough bearing current sampling carried out in the process for beam formation by increasing the range of non-informative signal parameters has been justified and formulated. Artificially introduced uninformative signal parameters are randomizing additive noise recorded in the input signals quadratures. To ensure maximum enhancement of target visibility and increasing the angular resolution the sequential active powering of small element segments (3–4 units) has been carried out under the large size of the aperture synthesized. This operation is the equivalent of modulation of phase center of the antenna array. Practical significance. It has been found that sequential adaptation of the aperture of the antenna array, along with decrease in the quantization noise (instrumental errors bearing measurement) predicts a decrease in hardware costs associated with decreasing in capacity of digital signal processing systems, energy potential (peak power) reducing, the target search time reducing, decreasing in the number of channels.


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