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Modern approach to the development of intelligent technologies for information systems


V.V. Belousov – Ph. D. (Eng.), Head of Sector, Institute of Informatics Problems of RAS (Moscow). E-mail:

This paper presents an overview of recent Russian research and development in the field of intelligent technologies, development of methodical and software management information systems. The survey was developed on the basis of materials of the sixteenth in-ternational scientific conference «Cybernetics and High Technologies of XXI Century», passed in May 13−15, 2015 in Voronezh. A number of papers is described and analyzed as a result of this work.


  1. Materialy XVIMezhdunar. nauchno-tekhnich. konf. «Kibernetika i vysokie tekhnologii XXI veka» (C&T 2015). Voronezh. NPF «Sakvoee» OOO. 2015. ISBN 978-5-904259-32-7.


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