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Accuracy of direction finding and fixing of super-broadband signals sources in ranging systems


O. V. Afanas’ev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of Department, JSC «Concern «Sozvezdie» (Voronezh). E-mail: S. N. Razin’kov – Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Senior Research Scientist, Leading Research Scientist, Air Force Academy n.a. Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin (Voronezh). E-mail:

In this paper the dispersion of determination of angular coordinates and location of sources of regular sequences of super-broadband impulses in ranging systems has been found with use of the partial moment of transfer of non-harmonic wave processes in a direct radio channel and the maximum likelihood estimates of time of their arrival in spaced points. The basic variant of the spatially distributed ranging system includes two band receivers-meters of time of arrival of the signals connected by data-transmission lines with the center of collecting and analysis of measurement results. The analysis of accuracy of the carried-out measurements for receivers with flat aperture antennas at restrictions on level of the average radiated power has been performed. It has been shown, that dispersion of the maximum likelihood estimation of time of arrival of a signal is inversely proportional to the value of integral from product of spectral density of the radiated energy and the partial gains of the transferring and receiving antennas in the equivalent band of its frequencies. The form of the processed impulses depends on the direction on their source, type and the electric sizes of antennas and it is various on the input of each measuring instrument. The errors of direction finding and determination of coordinates of object decrease in process of approach of its angular situation to the measuring base owing to increase in a share of the energy of a signal intercepted by the main beam of the power directional pattern of the transferring antenna. The increase in the sizes of the receiving antennas also leads to improving of the measurement accuracy under the linear law due to increasing of the partial gains.


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