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Interaction of plasmonic modes in the lenticular metallic cluster with point dipole


A.A. Lyamkina - Research Scientist, Institute of Semiconductor Physics named after A.V. Rzhanov, Novosibirsk S.P. Moschenko - Junior Research Scientist, Institute of Semiconductor Physics named after A.V. Rzhanov, Novosibirsk

We considered the interaction of the localized surface plasmon in the lenticular metal particle with a point dipole source where it is defined the dependence of the rate of radiative and non-radiative relaxation on the distance from the particle. A modification of the particle geometry with an etching cone formation is proposed. It is shown that the presence of the cone changes the speed of non-radiative relaxation for the source located at a fixed distance from the surface. The results can be used to optimize the relative position of radiators and metal particle in experimental systems for the study of a wide class of phenomena associated with the interaction of the plasmon mode and a dipole source.


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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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