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Modeling of optical filter based on textured film nanocomposite


M.I. Zavgorodnyaya - Research Scientist, National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Moscow I.V. Lavrov - Ph.D. (Phys.-Math.), Associate Professor, National Research University of Electronic Technology - MIET, Moscow

We studied optical properties of the nanocomposite film consisting of a dielectric matrix and silver spheroidal inclusions variously elongated and oriented in a special way. By numerical modeling using the generalized singular approximation we defined spectral transmittance of the composite film of 1.7 microns thick with a glass matrix and 16 kinds of spheroidal silver inclusions for a uniform distribution of inclusions axes. It is considered the effect of variation in the orientations of the inclusions in comparison with the ideal distribution of their orientations upon the optical properties of the film. The utilized calculation method can be used to create composite films with predetermined optical properties.


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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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