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Using static posturography to assess the influence of different visual stimuli on various posturographic parameters


V.I. Torshin – Dr.Sc. (Biol.), Professor, Head of Department of Normal Physiology, Department of Normal Physiology, Medical Faculty, Russian Peoples\' Friendship University. E-mail: V.I.Torshin @ D.S. Sveshnikov – Dr.Sc. (Med.), Associate Professor, Department of Normal Physiology, Medical Faculty, Russian Peoples\' Friendship University. E-mail: I.L. Myasnikov – Ph.D. (Med.), Associate Professor, Department of Normal Physiology, Medical Faculty, Russian Peoples\' Friendship University. E-mail:

The static posturography, as shown in last decades, is a promising method of expanding use in various fields in medi-cine: otolaryngology, neurology, sport’s medicine, etc. Psychophysiology of perception is the fertile area of use for post-urography as method for objective measurements of human emotional status, because of it’s noninvasive nature. The aim of the current study is to determine the influence of various visual stimuli on some posturographic parameters. The effect of emotionally significant symbols on postural reactions was studied in 18 healthy male volunteers 20±2 years old, 168±4,8 cm height, 65±3,24 kg weight. In the 1-st phase of study, testing subjects were instructed to remember one of randomly chosen symbol in the showing card, which further called «significant image» and keep these data in «secret» until the end of experiment, neglecting familiarity when demonstrate by instructor. In the 2-nd phase the same probationers were standing booted in horizontal platform of stabilograph in «European stand», staring the gaze on display, demonstrating indifferent and significant symbols, using «lie detector» technique. Four channels were recorded simultaneously during 3-minute experiment: postural XY, pneumogram, ballistogram and event marker. For evaluation conventional parameters were used, such as surface area of stabilogram, vectorial power, etc. In was shown that «significant» stimuli lead to apparent reduction (1,3 times less than for «indifferent») in most post-urographic probes for more than 50 % of cases, causing «hiding» reactions. The opposite responses (“emphatic” reac-tions) were registered in 30 % of subjects. Submission of indifferent stimuli does not reveal any significant difference between images. It was concluded that static posturographic tests are suitable and prospective for evaluation of a number of psycho-physiological phenomena in humans.


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