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Statistical diagnosis state of evolution pathogenesis cpao of the background carbohydrate metabolism disorderes


A.Р. Samoylenko - Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Southern Federal University, Institute of Radio Systems and Management, Taganrog. E-mail: A.G. Volkov- Dr.Sc. (Med.), Professor, Head of Department of diseases of Ear, Throat and Nose, GBOE HPE “Rostov Gov-ernment Medicine university”, Rostov-on-don. E-mail: A.A. Kovalev - Post-graduate Student of the Department of Diseases of Ear, Throat and Nose, GBOE HPE “Rostov Government Medicine university” . E-mail: A.V. Pribylskiy - Post-graduate Student, Southern Federal University, Institute of Radio Systems and Control, Taganrog. E-mail:

In otorhinolaryngology inflammatory diseases hold the central position, making, in essence, a basis of work of an ENT doctor. Quite often the course of these diseases is aggravated with existence of the somatopathies one of which is the diabetes mellitus. It is known that pathology of ENT organs meets at 59% of sick SD therefore for the first time the suspicion diagnosis on SD quite often is established by the ENT. Treatment of such patients represents a difficult task, as for the ENT, and the endocrinologist. The purulent infection aggravates metabolic disturbances, quickly leads to a decompensation of carbohydrate metabolism and кетоацидозу which in turn worsen the course of a disease and promote serious complications. The pathogenesis of the chronic purulent average of an otitis (CPAO) against disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism in the analysis is classified by authors as integrated. At patients with such type of a pathogenesis of CPAO proceeds more persistently, badly gives in to conservative therapy by traditional methods. To diagnostics of character of a pathogenesis of CPAO, according to authors, application of methods of variance and correlation analyses of diagnostic data with the purpose of identification of informative parameters of ENTs of pa-thologies influencing treatment has to precede. Primary data are based on the analysis of the anamnesis patients with CPAO and, in some cases, against different extent of influence of a pathogenesis of SD, namely: time of treatment patient (days); concentration of a glucose in a blood (primary assay of a glucose) (mmol/l); the content of hemoglobin (in % the contents); index of body weight of the patient (kg/sq.m). Statistical data are broken into clusters according to their differentsialization on the age range (volume of a cluster of 10 years). Made scientific experiment was referred on the following purposes: establishment of patterns of course of a pathogenesis of CPAO against disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism; obtaining new quantitative data on existence of degree of dependence between the CPAO parameters. Research problem was establishment of quantitative dependences between parameters of the inflammatory processes solved by statistical methods one  and two-factorial variance and correlation analyses. In the variance analysis as in a subsystem of recognition of dependences between parameters of a pathogenesis of a middle ear, we will proceed that one variables will be surveyed as the reason (factors: the maintenance of a glucose in a blood), and others as a result (number of patients with pathology; number of patients the age clusters carried by it, treatment time). Agents of the variance analysis authors established the quantitative importance of influence of a factor of level of a glucose for the period of treatment. And also the criterion of fastness of dependence of influence of level of a hemog-lobin for the period of treatment in the corresponding age clusters was estimated. The analysis of correlation dependence between the term of treatment of patients and the content of hemoglobin in a blood allowed to make a hypothesis of existence of stable linear relation between studied parameters practically for all age clusters. Authors proved influence of an age cluster on nature of change of this dependence, and also existence and extent of communication between groups of patients with a pathogenesis of CPAO which are in various stages of process of disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism. Stable correlation relation in a submatrix displaying influence of level of a hemoglobin on the volume of diseases, and also - correlation communication between number of patients and the importance of ranges of the maintenance of a glucose in the blood, weakened in a type of small volume of studied statistical data becomes perceptible.


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