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Permanent magnet synchronous motor at generator mode


A.A. Bogdanov - Post-graduate Student, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation. E-mail:

One of the main trends in the modern aircraft development is in significant increase of energy intensity. In terms of all-electric aircraft concept the increase in electrical energy is considered first. Since on board electric power sources are limited, the further increase in energy efficiency for aircraft complexes and equipment is a relevant object. Among directions for improvement of the all-electric aircraft concept, methods and tools were allocated for energy recupe-ration into on-board electrical network. Due to the property of reversibility electromechanical drive for aerodynamic control surfaces and landing systems is the most suitable for energy recovery. Recently, with the development of power electronics, contactless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with elec-tronic control system became popular as an airfoils drive. In the study of energy recovery processes within the system of aerodynamic rudders the source of electricity is PMSM working in generator mode. Determination of quantitative data was found reasonable to carry out with the methods of ma-thematical modeling based on a PMSM model. The purpose of this article is to develop a mathematical model of generator operation PMSM at it work through the three–phase rectifier on resistive load. For the analysis of the processes occurring in the electric machine, as a basis the PMSM mathematical model is taken in phase coordinates with the idealization of the switching elements, which combines sufficient accuracy at an acceptable cost of computing time. As a result of mathematical manipulations, differential equations were derived accounting the main factors that determine the properties of the machine as a generator - the reliance of electromagnetic processes and torque on the speed and angular position of the rotor were taken into account, as well as the overlapping phases phenomenon of in the three-phase rectifier. Based on these data the wave currents and back EMF were found for PMSM motor mode, as well as the waveform of currents and EMF in the PMSM transition phase from motor mode into the generator mode. Analysis of the data shows that if the voltage in the generator mode will exceed the supply voltage, the energy recuperation is possible and thereby the energy efficiency increase of aircraft power supply system.


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