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Sonar with ultrawideband probing signal radiated path implementation


A.I. Demidov – Head of Department, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) N.N. Zalogin – Ph. D. (Eng.), Leading Research Scientist, Kotel\'nikov IRE of RAS (Moscow) R.Sh. Komochkov – Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) S.S. Mosolov – Head of Sector, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) V.N. Polenov – Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) A.V. Sknarya – Ph. D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Main Specialist, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) S.A. Toschov – Engineer, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region) E.V. Tutynin – Head of Department, JSC V.Tikhomirov NIIP (Zhukovsky, Moscow region)

Most modern radio systems operate in a narrow frequency band, providing traditional frequency selection. However, the narrow bandwidth limits the resolution of the transmission system. At the same time, the constantly growing need to increase the resolution at an increasing distance from the radiating system. Therefore, the possibility of increasing the resolution of the system has been actively studied. This was done by expanding of frequency bands and development of ultra-wideband (UWB) signals. Development and implementation of UWB systems represents a qualitative leap in the development of the location. UWB signal spectrum width is commensurate with its average frequency allows higher-level tasks such as sonar observations, detection and identification purposes, the construction of radar images. An important role is played not only by large absolute bandwidth of UWB signal, but its relatively large bandwidth. Beginning in 2010, JSC «NIIP» with the participation of State Company «IRE by V.A. Kotelnikov RAS» conducted the development and testing of broadband sonar technology, including algorithms for their generation and processing, as well as experimental studies. Presented in this paper the experimental results suggest the feasibility of a radiating path designed for super wideband probing signal.


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May 29, 2020

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